My Networked Dog

Isis, my gentle loving doggie — ok, she is a Sheffield/Bull Terrier mix who goes nuts at the scent of another dog, and has a marked propensity for licking total strangers as if they are her long lost relatives — apparently thought it a fun idea to eat her leash. She didn’t exactly eat it, she chewed it in pieces..two pieces. It is now useless as an old queen with a head cold. There was no way getting around taking her out for a walk — she needed excercise, an opportunity to vent her anti-poodle hostilties, and the call of nature had become a shrill shriek. I found a length of ethernet cable, and we took off on what is, to her nose, the information super-highway: Ocean Park Blvd.
"Wow," commented the owner of the computer repair store down the block, "I’ve never seen a networked dog before!"
"Yep," I replied, "not only do her jaws lock up, but as you see, she stops cold at various windows."
"Funny! What’s her name," he asked.
I couldn’t resist a little white canine lie.

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  1. Anea

    LOL! Maybe you should change her name 😉 That is a cute story, and Isis is a sweet pup… 🙂


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