Myra Svelte, Jewish Mother to the World, struck another blow
for lox, eggs, and the American way. Our plucky heroine, outraged by hunger and
propelled by power from Saturn voyaged from Sherman Oaks to Culver City to Cuba,
drop-kicking terrorist hunger pangs and anti-Semitic absence of nutrients at
every mile. Yes, armed with the best
intentions and a Scripto lighter, Myra retained her victorious attitude despite one door after another being locked in
her face – restaurateurs turning her away, claiming  closures as their rationale. Undaunted, Myrawound her way through the serpentine surface streets until, by use of her wits
and wiles, she gained entrance to Izzy’s Deli on Wilshire. It was there, in
this mock-Kosher environment, (melted ham and cheese in a deli?) she
successfully consumed scrambled eggs and lox while Burl Barer, Brilliant
Author, stuffed his puffy face with Rabbi Reuben’s Reuben Sandwich.

It was dark and dangerous on the side streets of Santa Monica when Svelte tossed Barer to the curb, arming
him with a frozen rib-eye steak. “Watch your step, Barer,” she intoned. “The
world is crawling with genetic-mutant gentiles who, Zombie like in their
adherence to the blood-libel myth, would eat you and your little dog too!”

With that, she popped the non-existent clutch on her
automatic transmission, and careened off down Ocean Park Blvd. howling wildly out her Saturn’s recently installed moon-roof.


Okay, I took some creative liberties with the story. We were both hungry, it only took us 45
minutes to find an open restaurant, and we stuffed ourselves. There was no
mention of genetic-mutant Zombies (except my view of those who trust Fox News to
actually be news, not propaganda worthy of the old   USSR).

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