Mystery Men and Weird Women

Men of Mystery –– fifty authors, one at each table – lunch is served and you get to (a) sit with a REAL AUTHOR, (b) get REAL AUTOGRAPHS, and (c) buy REAL BOOKS.. and these are FAMOUS AUTHORS!  No kidding.  As I have books in print and and Edgar Award in the china cabinet, I’ll be there in lovely Irvine California in October…so will my nephews Tod and Lee Goldberg who are even  more famous than I.  Jeffery Deaver will be there. Who is he? How about THE BONE COLLECTOR. Okay, you saw the movie. ThecoldmoonukHe has a new one out now, THE COLD MOON.

Do authors have groupies? Well, not like rock stars have groupies. Author groupies usually look like Jessica Fletcher. Jessica_fletcher

Why do we never see authors on Hollywood Squares?  Why do we never see authors treated as celebrities?  Who are Nick and Jessica? Did you tell Jen about Brad and Anjolina?
There sure are plenty of mysteries these days.
I have decided that from now on, authors groupies must look like this:Rear_end
I have no idea what her face looks like, but I love the boots.

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