Rare and Valuable Advance Review Edition Available

I recently noticed that a pristine first edition of my book, MAN OVERBOARD, is now selling for $125US.  Hey, I can do you better than that. How about a rare advance review copy never made available to the general public? Sure, it is not hardcover and it doesnt have the snazzy dust jacket, BUT it is far more RARE, and it is autographed to YOU by the author. Amazing, isn’t it?

At this point you ask yourself, “how may I, puny mortal that I am, actually own this rare and wonderful book?”

SImple. You want it? It’s $80. Email me at Burl@burlbarer.net if you want it. I take pay pal. It will be signed and mailed immediately.

If you want the $125 version — pristine first edition — let me know. I might have one around here somewhere 🙂

Moving on, make sure you listen to my show Saturday 2pm PDT. I wont be sticking around for Matt’s show this week because I’m going to the LAPD Gala event…the police protective league giant thingie. Very fancy shmancy.  We have to be there by 5 or 5:30pm so when 3pm rolls around I have to head back to get all dressed as if I were respectable.