Nook Book and the Book Nook.

When I was a kid in Walla Walla, no bike ride downtown was complete without a visit to The Book Nook. The picture of the Book Nook Building shared here is from the 1920's, but the building is pretty much the same. Upstairs was KTEL-AM, the first radio station to actually PAY ME to play the hits. I got $1.25 an hour, and I was worth it. 

Book Nook exterior 1920s
My folks used to take me to dinner at the Trolly Inn.

 I didn't care for it, but when it became The Modern Care (Chinese) I LOVED IT. Then the Modern moved to Eastgate, and Pepe's Pizza took over the location. They Pepe's moved to Eastgate.  I loved Pepe's.  It's gone now. The company that made their incredible pizza crust was bought out by some big company and then put out of business.

Oh, yeah. The Nook Book — the new e book reader from Barnes and Noble is selling MOM SAID KILL!

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  1. Mike Barer

    Book Nook was a drug store, I remember George Epstein would go there to watch the weekly baseball game on TV. There was a lunch counter upstairs where I would stop to eat on lunch break from B. Barer And Sons.


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