Norm Stamper Vs Cruelty to Humans

Norm Stamper,Norm6
former Seattle Chief of Police, is incredibly outspoken and speaks plainly.  He wants all drugs legalized, prostitution legalized, and domestic violence kicked where it hurts.  He’s been on the street, behind a desk, and in the headlines. This Saturday, he will be our special guest on TRUE CRIME AND…" live on the Outlaw Radio Network 2-3PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles California time). To listen live, just click HERE.

It is a great honor having Norm Stamper on the show, and I assure you that Don Woldman and I will grill him like a swordfish on the ideas that earned his book the title: BREAKING RANK. Norm_stamper Stamper is a spokesman for LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) and is dedicated to ending the absurd "War on Drugs."

While Norm Stamper fights cruelty to humans, true crime writer and activist Steve Long also fights cruelty to animals. April is STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY MONTH!

If you missed last weeks show, you can hear it now !


If you have questions you want to ask Norm Stamper, send them to me at and I will ask him your question when he is on the air.

Also joining us this Saturday is Steve Long who will reveal the REAL STORY behind horse cruelty!! It is enough to make Trigger role over in her grave — if she hadn’t been stuffed and mounted…or vice versa.


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