Olivia De Haviland — born in Japan, living in Paris — replaced Joan Crawford in “Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte.” She excelled at playing THE BITCH.
I think she is fantastic.
Then again, I think I am fantastic and I am not a bitch.
No, you dont win dinner with me, Jay. Unless you are buying.1997_olivia_dehaviland
Meanwhile, my two pending media projects are still pending. Yawn. Sigh. I am compelled to take REAL JOBS. This is tragic. Next week I’m doing data entry for a race car company. Vroooooom!!!

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  1. Jay Brandes

    Mike: While possible, it is unlikely for the following reasons: The famous race that is run in Monte Carlo is the Grand Prix of Monaco; whereas the 24 Hours of Le Mans is run near Le Mans, France. I’ll grant that you could technically stay in Monte Carlo (just south of France) and then go up to northeast France for the race, but that is unlikely. Additionally, both races were run earlier this month, so either way, it would be a wait.


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