On the Sony Lot

A surprise phone call from the nice folks at Sony Entertaiment — I was invited to see STEALTH while the director supervised the addition of new sound effects to the stellar action sequences. We had a brief chat about devising sub-plots for the novel,  and we  were surprised to discover that we had independently created the same new character who was not in the original screenplay — yes, the SAME CHARACTER for the same dramatic purpose. As the director said, "proof positive that great minds think alike."
I moved today from one end of Santa Monica to the other — if there are ends to Santa Monica. I was by the pier, now I’m not. Happily, this move was paid for by a co-owner of both hotels who did it simply to make my life easier! I have more room, full time DSL internet connection, and a dog run for Isis. What motivated him to do this? Well, it turns out he also had a surprise heart attack a year or so ago, and just thought it would reduce my stress level to be in this new location. Isn’t that nice of him?  His real career is original music for television and films, having composed title tunes for many well known shows — including the infamous Howard Stern. Check out his site: http://www.sammyserious.com

5 Responses to “On the Sony Lot”

  1. Anea

    I love you Papa, and I am glad that things are goign well with Stealth, but you gotta change your picture! It looks like you are naked over there in Santa Monica! 🙂

  2. Susan Balcuns

    Your daughter is right!!! You DO look like you’re naked and also sitting on the ….ahem……
    But you also look soooooooo angelical….Look at those innocent eyes……that winsome smile……….Who could NOT fall in love with you!!!!!
    You’re a real pistol!!!!! As they say in New York…. HA!!!
    Love you!!!

  3. David Zarkin

    Congratulations on positive feedback on your latest project, “Stealth,” which as I recall was a Dodge made by Mitsibushi in the 70s. Certainly Stephen King had success with “Christine,” about 1958 Plymouth. I appreciate how tough it is to write a decent novel, having just read most of Ethan Hawke’s “Ash Wednesday,” which I did not enjoy. Does the novel give you any hints about the author’s life and thinking? I don’t know. You have to admire Hawke for making the effort even if the results were not that satisfying. So I have a lot of respect for people who write novels

  4. Burl Barer

    David Zarkin, who is also a cousin, is ANOTHER member of the family who is a professional writer. Former braodcast journalist, if i remember correctly, in LA and SF, and then into some branch of Press and PR for bastions of higher education, or SOMETHING where he has the shared familial distinction of not having to lift anything more heavy than a wireless mouse.
    He is also more well read than I, and must ne at least five times as smart because he was originally going to be a pharacist! Then again, maybe he changed his mind when he found out that those apothocary jars weigh more than a wireless mouse! David, Lee Goldberg, and I consumed massive amounts of Chinese food together one year during a break from Bouchercon. It was the highlight of the event.


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