“ORPHAN” — No Rebecca. But fun, you betcha!

Back in 1992, Rebecca De Morney was the grown up bad seed who must have heard one Paul Anka song too many.  Yes, she's having YOUR baby.  My son, Jordan, saw this movie when he was very young…he termed it "The Bad Baby Sitter"

  Now, in 2009, many of the same frighful images, coupled with those from cult classic creepy kid movies, comes "ORPHAN"  

Orphan is a cool movie. As with The Hand that Rocks the Cradle, the acting and production values are first rate. This isn't a cheap no-talent flick — this is one of those guilty pleasure decent budget scream fests featuring accomplished pros pulling out all the stops. The "clues" to solving the "mystery" of Orphan are all perfectly placed, and there is even a wonderful homage to Rebecca De Morney's most famous scene from The Hand that Rocks the Cradle.  At that point in the film, my daughter leaned over to me and said "Hey, Dad, it's The Hand that Shakes the Orphan!"

 Evem with this genre sub-reference, Orphan isn't in the "absurdist merger" catefory of fright films such as "What Lies Beneath" — the bathtub from Fatal Attraction meets the Shower Head from Psycho (and the main character is actually named Norman!). Nope, this one may stand on the itty bitty shoulders of The  Bad Seed, with a leg up from Cradle, but it has legs of its own.

ORPHAN stars Vera Farmiga,as the mom,  Peter Sarsgaard as the dad,  Isabelle Fuhrman as evil  Esther (and Jerry Mathers as The Beaver) 

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