Paris Hilton used to be RICH. Now she is RICH and FAMOUS. She became famous by having SEX with her boyfriend, having someone video tape it, and then making sure everyone SAW IT.  Watching Paris have sex sent the world a clear message — she wanted to be known as more than just a blond girl with too much money. Just notice the way she never stops looking at the camera even when supposedly engrossed in acts of consuming carnal desire — each eye-lock cries out: "LOOK! I am photogenic! I could be on the cover of REDBOOK!"

Paris_hiltonjps_1 <<<< Paris Hilton with clothes on in the new DVD release of: HOUSE OF WAX

House_of_wax_1 Unlike the original HOUSE OF WAX, the new version is about several TEENAGERS who go OFF THE MAIN ROAD and find CRAZY PEOPLE.  In the movie industry this is called, "DAMN! I wish we would have thought of `teenagers take the wrong road and get in trouble’ scenario! It worked in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Jeepers Creepers, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Greatest Story Ever Told so it should work here too!"  The movie features some clever special effects and smart makeup. Notice the clever placement of mud smudges on the endangered ingenue:

Titsjpg_1 do you think it’s just a coincidence that those mud smudges just happen to be on her breasts? I DONT THINK SO!

Paris Hilton gets killed in the movie after running around in red undergarments.  The girl with the smudgy breasts is about four feet tall, and her co-star is about 7 foot 3 inches, so she wore boots with lifts in every scene where you cant see her feet. She is very tiny except for parts singled out for mud. I’m sure she watched the video of Paris having sex before working with her, you know, so the two of them would have something to talk about between takes.

Wouldn’t you?

2 Responses to “PARIS HILTON’S WAX JOB”

  1. dave zarkin

    This is conjecture on my part but bad movie “House of Wax” was bad karma for Hilton co-star Chad Michael Murray who couldn’t resist her charms but was married at the time to Sophia Bush (no relation to GWB). But then Chad was not big on resistance and rumors had him linked to another teen bimbo as well. Sad footnote to a bad movie and a shakey marriage. Maybe you should ask Chad about the mud smudges. Shout it out!


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