Phillip Van : Another Brilliant Film

Award winning director Phillip Van has once again gifted us with an astonishing visual and emotional gem — "And she stares longingly at what she has lost" — a short film that works on every level. This beauty will not only knock your socks off, it will curl your toes, straighten your hair (or if already straight, will give you an instant Afro or Yidro).   You can view Van’s film, among other incredibly creative offerings, at the Little Minx Exquisite Corpse web site.

If you go to Phillip Van’s website — click on news or just click THIS, you will get links to feature stories about the film, and the Exquisite Corpse film project from Little Minx. Five directors with five unique and wondrous visions.

Trust me on this: Phillip Van is among the best of the best. I would love to work with him. It would be such a thrill to have a film adaptation of something I wrote directed by Phillip Van (hint hint). 

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