Harry Allan Towrs

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Ian Dickerson, media genius and Secretary of The Saint Club, wondered if the actual person charged with pornography was TV/Film producer Harry Allan Towers,Harry_allan_to_wers(that’s him in the picture) rather than Leslie Charteris.  Well, we know that Charteris was never charged with pornography, although his book Prelude for War (aka The Saint Plays with Fire) was banned by the Nazis  for being anti-fascist. I’m sure Charteris would plead guilty as hell to that charge. Harry Allan Towers tried to secure TV rights to The Saint in the 1950’s.  He was allegedly charged with pimping in New York and fled the country.  His career, however, has been consistently active despite this potential stain on his resume.  He is executive producer of MOLL FLANDERS, currently in pre-production — the film that brought director Ken Russell out of retirement.  He was also the executive producer of "Orson Welles Tales from the Black Museum," a 2002 UK television series pilot.  The concept behind that show was very clever. Here is the official pitch for the series:

In 1952, Orson Welles narrated 52 radio programs for a series on the Mutual Network called "The Black Museum" featuring true stories from the Old Scotland Yard. The program was named after the world-renowned investigative body’s former home, a weather stained red brick building sitting in the shadows of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on the River Thames. It is the oldest museum in the world put together purely for recording crime and contains an infamous collection of memorabilia of grisly crimes of the past. In a unique tribute to the legendary star who died in 1993, "The Black Museum" now returns as a brand new television series featuring Orson Welles’ original commentary over filmed dramatizations of the infamous murder mysteries of the Old Scotland Yard. Each episode will feature a leading contemporary star playing a key role in the dramatization.

If my memory serves me well, Lee Goldberg had some dealings with Mr. Towers at some point, but I don’t recall the details. Perhaps Lee can take time out of his busy schedule, or  maybe not, to tell us about his experience of Harry Allan Towers.

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