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You can read amazing complaints about all manner of ripoffs, including ones that are mostly about how STUPID some consumers are! Fred Wolfson is smart, and his complaint was about getting a room on a cruise ship that LEAKED!

Another guy complained that King Tut wasn't at the King Tut Exhibit in Philly. Home_tut_image

His liver was, but not Tut himself. His son, who was totally into King Tut, broke out sobbing at the exhibit and started sobbing.  A reader responded:

If your son is SO into King Tut, he could have enlightened you to the fact everyone else already knows: Tut's remains are no longer-travel worthy. Also, I'd be more concerned about the fact that your nearly teen-aged son had a crying hissy fit about the whole thing. In public. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor? No, more like raising a son to be a complete pussy. Does he still breast feed, too. Check your facts next time, loser.

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