Prancer, Vixen, Emily Blunt, and Oliver Platt’s Bar Mitzvah.


"I love you, Prancer," wept the lovable child to the reindeer. In this scene there were no adults. This is because all adult actors know any scene will be stolen by the presence of a cute animal, a cute child, or Burgess Meredeth. 
PRANCER, a film apparently about a rebellious and recalcitrant member of Santa's work force, was being flogged relentlessly on one of the cable/satellite networks this past week — along with EXECUTIVE DECISION. That's the movie where the top-name cast members are so young, it appears as if the first thing they are going to do following the film's completion is attend Oliver Platt's Bar Mitzvah. I watched EXECUTIVE DECISION once, but sat through WIND CHILL four times because I will watch Emily Blunt in anything, even a movie as compellingly incomprehensible as WIND CHILL.
If Blunt were in PRANCER, I would know it scene for scene. WIND CHILL, economical shot in BC with minimal cast, showcases Blunt's ability to deliver a convincing American accent while weeping and screaming in snow. This is good practice for Ms Blunt in case she is called in for PRANCER 2: The Pole Dancer Chronicles.

I want Harvey Keitel on my show. I know he doesn't write true crime and he's not a criminal, but he is one of my favorite actors. I saw him interviewed on Charlie Rose and was remarkably impressed. Harvey, if you read this, get hold of me. I want you on my show.

This coming Saturday, the 20th, Tina Dirmann of E! (author of Vanished at Sea) and L.A. Prosecutor Robin Sax (co-host of Justice Interrupted) join Don Woldman and me LIVE in the Lighten up Lounge  for TRUE CRIMES. For complete info and the listen live link, visit the show's website!

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