Psych, Monk, Burn Notice. Goldberg, Rabkin, Goldberg Talk Tie-Ins and Success.

015SCENE: Mystery Bookstore, Westwood Village.

 Tod Goldberg eyes his brother, Lee, with well deserved suspicion while Bill Rabkin (center) visualizes a disturbing image of rowdy livestock mentioned by Tod. Lee, meanwhile, contemplates the cookies he will devour following this interview/signing.  013

These three best-selling authors made rare personal appearances at The Mystery Bookstore in Westwood for a throng of rabid fans — okay, their uncle, two cousins, a couple of friends, and a fellow who came in to ask directions to Starbucks.

 Jordan Barer, Tod Goldberg, and several of Tod's chins re-unite. These two gentlemen thieves hadn't seen each other for several years, and reminisced about the location and individuals who inspired Tod's novel, LIVING DEAD GIRL, a cheerful story of death, deception, and holding your breath underwater. 

Jordan Barer, Tod Goldberg, Bill Rabkin, Burl Barer and Lee Goldberg prior to the raid.

"The authorities were seeking Sara Paretsky who cleverly slipped out the back door with Joel Fox," explained the man who came in to ask directions to Starbucks. He readily admitted that he had no idea on what subject the intruders were supposedly authorities.

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