All week long, I had the ongoing precognitive experience of the phone going dead when out guests were calling in for their live interviews on Outlaw Radio.  I even showed up for the show earlier than usual, and said to Matt Alan, “Hey, Matt — the phone is working okay, right?”
“Of course the phone works,” said Matt as he picked it up, ” in fact…oh shit! It IS dead!”
For the first half hour of our show, our phone in guests couldnt phone in! Once again, Don Woldman and I had to vamp our way through a live show with major technicals problems. Then, as if by magic, the phones came back and we got our guests on the air. 

Kerrie Droban and Suzy Spencer didn’t get as much time as we originally hoped, but they both proved to be amazing and amusing guests.

Here is our OFFICIAL SEXPERT, Suzy Spencer telling us about the latest East Texas sex scandal:

Download suzy_spencer_our_sexpert_in_texas.mp3

I’ll link you up with Kerrie Droban real soon!

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