Rave Reviews for TIED IN (edited by Lee Goldberg)

When Lee Goldberg ask me to contribute to TIED IN, The Business, History and Craft of Media Tie-In Writing, I had no idea that this compilation of articles by those of us who write Tie-Ins would garner such wide spread interest, rave reviews and sparkling on-line discussions.Tied In: The Business, History and Craft of Media Tie-In Writing

 My first exposure to tie-ins was comic books such as MAVERICK and 77 SUNSET STRIP, and then came the tie-in novels to THE MAN FROM UNCLE. I wanted to be on of the guys who wrote tie-ins. Guess what? I am, and that's why Lee asked me to join in the fun of writing TIED-IN.  The other contributors offer their invaluable insights, and I admit almost childlike "hero worship" of my co-contributors, and am honored to be included in their league.  If you love movies, TV, comics and books, you will enjoy Tied-In.[item image]

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