Real Life in Fiction

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I recently read Lee Goldberg’s excellent short story, Remaindered, available  on as a forty nine cent download. A wise investment!  Lee told me that this story was inspired by characters and events that he actually experienced while on a signing tour for one of his books. 

It is not uncommon for real life events in an author’s life to show up in works of fiction — in fact, it is quite common.  In my book
  Headlock , there is a lovely young woman named Randy who shows up at a Mystery Writers of America event. She becomes a major character in the novel, and our hero’s love interest. In real life, this woman (I don’t know her name) did show up at an MWA event exactly as described. When we met, I told her, "I’m putting you in a novel."  If she ever reads the book, she may be very surprised to find that not only is she in there, dressed exactly as she was in real life, but that our interaction went far beyond me signing a book!
Much of the dialog in
  Headlock s also taken from real life. I spent many hours sitting in the McFeely Tavern  simply listening to the customers. I found their conversations of  such significant interest that I put many of them in the book exactly as I heard them.
This doesn’t mean that all conversations are book-worthy, nor are all stories.
When people find out that I’m an author, they tell me that their life should be a book. I always ask them two questions that usually stump them: (1) How does it end? (2)Who would want to read it?

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  1. Mike Barer

    I think there were a couple times that I was in McFeely’s. I did not like that old spot, but I rememberthat it was connected to Mcfeely’s Hotel.


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