Reinventing Myself as a Big Wheel.

  Despite my charming personality, winning ways and dynamic (yet humble) personality, I don't have a girl friend these days.  I must face the undeniable reality that I am not a particularly "good catch."  Women of comparable age anticipate a mature, financially stable gentleman on the trailing edge of his once rewarding career. That's not me.  I am entering a third wave of kick-ass career revitalization and re-invention. I'm better at my craft than ever, having more fun than I've had in years, and on the verge of seeing years of effort and anticipation finally come to rewarding fruition.  

My forthcoming non-fiction book ab

out the death of millionaire James Joste at the hands of his beautiful lover, Rhonda Glover, is the most bizarre and surprising case I've yet investigated. 

Simon Templar, alias THE SAINT, returns to TV soon with a new actor in the lead role, and I'll be writing a new series of adventures in the tradition of Leslie Charteris. 

TRUE CRIMES, the Internet radio show I do with Co-Host Don Woldman, won the ICB Detective Award for Best Radio Program, and our guest roster includes the top names in the genre, plus notable big shots from the major networks as regular contributors.

Writers in Treatment, the non-profit organization helping writers recover from alcoholism or other destructive chemical dependencies, invited me to join their advisory board. Our REEL RECOVERY FILM FESTIVAL is a big hit in Hollywood, and I'm proud to be involved.

Then, for just plain FUN, I'm a regular on OUTLAW RADIO with Magic Matt Alan, the show that comes on right after TRUE CRIMES. 

Right now I am in Texas with my darling daughter and her hard working hubby. I'm writing like a maniac on deadline for the Joste/Glover book, working long-distance with Dr. Egrari on a book about life in the universe, and two other projects which I am not at liberty to discuss.

That's the good news.  Bad news? The operation I had a year ago on my eye was a "success" — except that my vision never came back, and it isn't going to come back.  I don't trust myself to be behind the wheel of  a car.  Financially, I have yet to recover from last year's writers' strike.  At an age where people plan to retire, I plan a rocket launch of creative output coupled with blatant self -promotion.  Or at least that is my intention. God may have other plans for me.

I have joined a free dating site, and have already been rejected for not liking long walks on the beach, yoga and a smoke free environment.   Phooey.  Right now I'm eating an INCREDIBLE New York Style Pizza, washing it down with Cola, and then smoking a full flavor cigarette before leaping once more into the world of flying fingers on a Querty keyboard.  Yes, I'm no bargain. However, as my beloved sister is known to say, "I'm not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was."

Oh, nice review of my book MOM SAID KILL on Epinions.  I reposted it on

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