Rhonda Glover/Jimmy Joste case on SCORNED:Love Kills

I.D.'s excellent series, SCORNED: Love Kills, features an exceptionally accurate adaptation of the strange case of Rhonda Glover, the beautiful but deranged woman whose picture adornes the cover of my best-selling true crime book, FATAL BEAUTY.

 Fatal beauty cover"Edgar award-winning author Burl Barer succeeds once again in engaging the most discerning true crime readers, captivating and compelling them with a writing style and journalistic force that has no equal. Fatal Beauty is a soon-to-be true crime classic." — Dan Zupanski, author of TROPHY KILL: The Shall We Dance Murders. 
 "Fatal Beauty is excellent true crime — excellent investigation, excellent story-telling, and exceptionally thought provoking."   


Rhonda Glover is as crazy as she is beautiful and deadly. Burl Barer is as brilliant an investigative journalist as you're going to find anywhere.  Disturbing and heartbreaking, FATAL BEAUTY will certainly keep you from being envious of the looks and wealth of others — you never know what their lives are like behind their eyes and behind closed doors. 


Head shot coverIf you already have FATAL BEAUTY, don't overlook the brand new edition of HEAD SHOT — updated with new information about the killers who are now out of prison!


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Here is a sneak peek at the new cover for BODY COUNT!

Body count new cover 

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