Rhonda Glover, Jimmy Joste: Tonight on SNAPPED

My forthcoming book FATAL BEAUTY is about the strange case of Rhonda Glover who shot and killed her long time boyfriend, Jimmy Joste. Tonight, 10pm on Oxygen Network is the TV show SNAPPED, and Rhonda is the topic. Yes, I'm on the show a well.

Fatal Beauty- Rhonda Glover Beauty Shot 


3 Responses to “Rhonda Glover, Jimmy Joste: Tonight on SNAPPED”

  1. Sue

    This was a fascinating story. I will definitely read the book. I hope it goes more into depth of the Bush connection to the poisoning of the world’s waters. Raytheon just got a contract for polar satellites related to the weather and judging by the cover-up in the Gulf of Mexico and the earthquakes in Japan, I think it is a distinct possibility she was telling the absolute truth.


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