Richard Tyson & Chris Cooper

It’s been my pleasure to make friends with Richard Tyson, excellent actor, sports buff, and all-around good fellow.  We met in Encino Hills…actually Magic Mat Alan’s back yard, where we are regular guests on the live broadcast OUTLAW RADIO (live from the Lighten Up Lounge). 



The show is


great fun, I love being on it with Mat, his brother, and many others.  Richard’s had the great honor of working with some fabulous actors, including Chris Cooper.

Chris did a Q and A at a screening of BREACH, along with the director. I was very impressed with not only the film the acting, but also with Cooper’s demeaner during the Q and A. He is a true "actor’s actor."
It turns out that Tyson and Cooper did a film together — Pharaohs Army. I’ must add it to my Blockbuster list.

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