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One of the great joys of having friends in show business is impulsively calling them on their cell phones. The Executive Producer of the hit HBO series ROME is my buddy Bill Macdonald. I pulled up to an intersection on Vanowen Blvd. yesterday and there was a mini-billboard for ROME (season two) with the slogan: "Brutality masks a Code of Honor."

Waiting for the light to change, I whipped out my cell phone and called Bill  As my cell number is not secret, he knows it’s me calling. "Hey, it’s Burl Barer!"

As always, I skip greetings and begin mid thought.

"How the hell can brutality mask a code of honor?  A code of honor may mask brutality, but not the other way around. This makes no sense!  You didn’t write the billboard did you? If so, what were you thinking!"

Thankfully, Bill has a sense of humor in addition to literary accumen. "If the slogan shocks you, wait till you see the first episode of season two," said Bill. Poster_servilia

Apparently, ROME will be the closest thing to porno on HBO. I always thought HBO’s REAL SEX was porno! 

I’m thrilled that ROME is doing so well internationally — I get a huge kick out of freinds having success, and remember when Bill and his cohorts were first pulling this one together.  Of course, I hope our soon to be revealed, and dangerously exciting update on Saintalias2_1 THE SAINT has equal if not greater success. More news on that as prudency allows.

In the meantime, watch ROME on HBO….it’s worth it just for the anachronistic dialog.Ep10_5  Although I have yet to hear someone say "Okay, Caeasr, cut to the chase and give us the bottom line," it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.   

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