New_logo No, I didn't win a Scribe Award this year. I had no submissions. so that greatly reduced by odds of winning anything.  Scribe Awards are given by the International Association of Media Tie-In Writers..what that means is that we write books/games/movies that are "tied in" to existing ..uh…well…here is an example:  STAR TREK was a TV series. Then there were STAR TREK books. The folks who write those books are tie-in writers.  So is my nephew Tod who writes the BURN NOTICE books, or the nameless author who writes the "Castle" books — works of fiction written by a fictional author. The real author doesn't get credit, but she/he gets the check.

Winners this year are Nancy Holder (Saving Grace: Tough Love),  Nathan Long (Warhammer: Bloodborn: Ukrika the Vampire), Jonathan Maberry (The Wolfman), Nathan Meyer (Dungeons & Dragons: Aldwyn's Academy)

Tied in  As you are brilliant and insightful, I'm sure you will want to know more about the business and history of Tie-in writers. Hence, this wonderful book — so wonderful, in fact, that it even has a section written by Burl Barer. 

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