SEAN YOUNG — The Woman who Skates on Thin Ice.

Sean Young's birthday, November 20th, finds this dynamic and effervescent actress on ice skates — a victorious metaphor for a woman who, in the opinion of more than a few shallow showbizybodies, has been skating on thin ice for the past decade.  

I've followed Ms Young's career with interest — and not simply because she's a good lookin' broad with an eclectic backlog of film performances. There was always something about her that struck me as ..uh…hmmm… vibrationally harmonic.  Oh, I'd heard the stories of her outrageous behavior, and occasionally socially inappropriate (if honest and accurate) statements, but I tend to admire the feisty and headstrong — they DO things. Doing things while intoxicated can be problematic, but we all know of folks whose careers were both fueled and failed by overindulgence in mood altering elixirs, powders and/or compounds.  Dick Van Dyke rose to prominence as a TV star while he was drunk enough to have tripped over that footstool at his sit-com's opening by error rather than comedic design, Ray Charles was a heroin addict, Johnny Cash took enough pills to keep everyone in Folsom Prison wide awake 'till their next parole hearing, and when someone suggested that cocaine is best preserved in a cool dark place, I immediately thought of Marvin Gaye's nose. 

Yeah, Sean Young loved wine. She probably still does love wine, but she's not drinking it these days as she is far too busy enjoying a robust renewal of career activity and public adulation.  

Getting back to that "vibrationally harmonic" statement — sometimes you just have a "feeling" about someone.  Sean and I met at Outlaw Radio, where she's been a regular on and off for years. She'd been mostly "off" when I came "on."  It was almost a year ago that we met for the first time, and I liked her immediately.  There is something about her that feels incredibly familiar..and i don't mean familiar as in "seen her in the movies," but more as if we were on the same space ship in an alternate universe.  As I don't believe in "past lives" (as there is no time, the past is now) I'm not going for one of those "I was a slave and she was an Egyptian Princess," or "I was a princess and she was a certified public accountant" scenarios that are so absurd it amazes me that anyone buys 'em (and people do BUY them).

Let it suffice to say that I really like Mary Sean Young. I've seen Sean drunk, I've seen Sean sober, and while I prefer her sober, I accept and admire Sean Young at all times and under all conditions.  She's been kicking soap opera ass on The Young and The Restless, and now she's going on SKATING WITH THE STARS. I'll be cheering for her continued success just as I always have, even back when the ice was much thinner and not as many were cheering. 

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