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“Secrets of a Hollywood Private Eye”

By Fred Wolfson

with Burl Barer

Secrets of a Hollywood Private Eye is a white-hot, page turner expose of cheating spouses, greedy conmen, easily duped superstars, jealous directors, kidnapped children, and every type of civil and criminal caper imaginable in a town known for tinsel and glitter.

This compelling compendium of stranger than fiction cases from the files of Fred Wolfson, PI, take him not only to the exclusive Bel Air and Beverly Hills haunts of the rich and famous, but also to the hooker strewn street corners of seedy Hollywood Blvd, criminal hideouts in South America, and terrorist investigations in Saudi Arabia.

Whether Wolfson is tracking down missing money for Caesars Palace, outfoxing an international swindler, or breaking up a black market of stolen children, all the action is one-hundred percent true.  The real bonus is that Wolfson doesn’t simply recount his adventures, but he shares the methods, both legal and otherwise, that made him the most in-demand and respected private detective of our time.

The famous names drop like quarters in a Vegas slot machine – The Rolling Stones, Roseanne Barr, Groucho Marx , Zsa Zsa Gabor, Michael Jackson, Rodney King, and the list goes on.

Wolfson’s fascinating reminiscences detail exactly how to tell when someone is lying, cheating or stealing from you. You’ll learn the tragic consequence of failing to conduct a simple background check, how to find out the truth about anyone, and most intriguing of all, how Fred Wolfson “hired himself” to get back millions of dollars that was stolen from him by someone he loved and trusted; someone who thought they had the perfect plan, but they didn’t plan on Fred Wolfson living long enough to bring them to justice.

A compelling read from the first paragraph, Secrets of a Hollywood Private Eye  is now available for instant download in an excluisve Kindle edition for $1.99

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