Johnny Cosmo: A Players Guide to Playing. Yes, you can pick up chicks!

My pal Johnny Cosmo is a regular on Outlaw Radio, hosted by Magic Matt Alan. Johnny wrote a clever "how to" book entitled  "The Players Guide to Playing." 

Yes, it is about how to pick up chicks. It is well written, and fun to read. It costs ten bucks and is worth it.  

I''m not sure how Johnny is doing with his little book, but it's actually crammed with excellent observations and realistic advice. If I were into picking up chicks, I would buy it. 

Self publishing can be fun and rewarding for niche market books and "how to…" guides.  However, the world is full of self-publishing scams.  Don Woldman and I did an interview with the guy from Predators and Editors. Listen and learn. about those self publishing scams. Literary scams2

It pays to research the topic before you start throwing money at someone.

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