SEVEN DAYS OF RAGE by Paul LaRosa Saturday Nov. 14th LIVE

Remind me not to become a serial killer. Not that I'm planning on it, mind you, but the more I read and research about men and women who get addicted to murder, the more I see that it is not a wise lifestyle choice.

The Craig's List Killer obviously had some deep rooted problems, not the least of which was a penchant for killing.  Paul LaRosa, the brilliant CBS News producer of 48 Hrs Mystery, has written a book about the case, SEVEN DAYS OF RAGE.  I invited Paul to spend an hour on the air this Saturday with Don Woldman and me on TRUE CRIMES.  At first Paul was a bit timid.  Seems he had agreed to appear on some 90 minute talk show broadcast from some lady's kitchen table and it didn't go well. I assured Paul that TRUE CRIMES adhered to the highest broadcast standards — well, as high as they can be when broadcast from an 1876 Virginia City style bar in Matt Alan's backyard.  We have a worldwide audience — I know that for a fact because we get email from England, New Zealand, Australia and even the USA.

So, this Saturday, November 14th, listen at 2pm Pacific time, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern and 10pm UK for Paul LaRosa on True Crimes!

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