Sewer Rats and Mr. New Orleans! Big plug for Matthew Randazzo V.

I mention sewer rats because my anecdotal research shows that any post with sewer rats in it is going to get traffic, and I really want Matthew Randazzo's new book, MR NEW ORLEANS to get as much publicity as possible.  


Randazzo doesn't write true crime  in the same mode as Corey Mitchell or Burl Barer ( I love linking my name with Corey's). Randazzo writes non-fiction about criminal characters — or they tell their story via his talent.  

"The problem with history," said famed radio hero Pat O'Day, "Is that the people living it weren't always paying attention."  

It is an amazing act of perceptual bravery when someone not only realizes the importance of people and events, but is willing to share that realization and preserve it.  Sometimes such insight can have negative consequences on one's career. Eg b rown …………………………………..
 Prof. Edward Granville Brown's contemporaries mocked his fascination with what they considered an obscure religious movement — the Babis of Persia…a movement that evolved into what is now the  Baha'i Faith, the second most widespread religion on Earth, second only to Christianity. 


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