SEX CRAZED & DRUG FUELED:Hospitalized Author Reaps More Fame.

Life is full of surprises, and you must be prepared to go with the proverbial flow.  For example, lets’s pretend that you are going to do a live interview with Kerrie Droban, a very  famous author. The interview about the book, Running with the Devil,:will go for about an hour. You hope she is a good talker — and as she is a defense attorney, that shouldn’t be a problem.  So you go on the air, and she doesn’t show up. No author. What do you do for the hour? YOU FAKE IT.
It’s amazing how well Don Woldman, Judi Faye and I faked our way through an interview show without the guest star to interview. What made it easy is that the book RUNNING WITH THE DEVIL is so damn interesting that we could have talked about it even longer. You will enjoy hearing us handle this situation, and certainly sympathize with us and with Kerrie Droban who, instead of being on the air, was in the hospital following a horrid auto accident on the way to do the show. .  Thankfully, Kerrie is alive and has all of her body parts intact. 

LISTEN TO THE LIVE SHOW, UNCUT, AND HEAR HOW WE HANDLE THIS MOST PECULIAR SITUATION. We knew there was something wrong, we just didn'[t know what it was.

The upside of all this is that we all receied excellent publicity, and Kerrie sent the three of us really spiffy official Running with the Devil shirts!

Oh, about the SEX CRAZED part of the title.  Sex Crime expert Janet McClellan was our guest on Outlaw Radio’s TRUE CRIME show the following week. You can hear highlights of the McClellan show, including her comment on the Jon Benet Ramsey investigation, RIGHT HERE!

All this frivolity was produced by Magic Matt Alan and broadcast live from his back yard!


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