She died happy watching Burl Barer on DEADLY SINS! True story!

A close friend of mine had a daughter, and the daughter died of bone cancer last week. Towards the end of her life, one thing that she really enjoyed was watching DEADLY SINS on Investigation Discovery. On the last day of her life, she was thrilled and delighted to see me with Darren Kavinoky right there on her hospital room TV.

"Mom! Look! It's your friend Burl on my favorite show!"  

Her mom, whom I hadn't heard from in quite a while called to tell me that her daughter  passed away and she wanted to thank me for giving her daughter such a pleasant surprise at the ebd of her life.

You never know what will bring someone happiness. Sometimes it is nothing you planned, but in the overall plan of things it works out. Who would imagine that DEADLY SINS could be a source of joy at the end of life?  God only knows.

Not sure which episode of DEADLY SINS it was, but it may have been the one about Manling Williams. Frank C Girardot and I wrorte a mini-true crime ebook about the case. Here it is. It is an instant download on

Man cover



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