SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 2/ dominion: the prequel

Coverimg25cr2singlewhitefemale If you’re like me –and may God help you if you are — you’ve been eagerly awaiting SINGLE WHITE FEMALE 2 (The Psycho).  This is not to imply that the first SINGLE WHITE FEMALE was NOT a psycho, but rather that this one is REALLY REALLY psycho. 

I wasn’t expecting much from this sequel =–after all, with the exceptions of Godfather ii and Friday the 13th, Part II, sequels are seldom better than the original.  Robert DeNiro isn’t in SWF2, which is surprising considering the crap he’s been in lately, but SWF2 is BETTER than GODSEND — Surviving Gilligan’s Island was better than GODSEND. At least the ending of SGI made sense. The damn thing was OVER.

The coolest thing about SWF2 is the dark haired girl (IE slut) who gets MURDERED by our PSYCHO. Her real name is Brooke_burns_001pBrook Burns. She used to be on Baywatch, so you know her credentials are impeccable. Then again, my nephew Lee and his partner used to write and, i think, produce Baywatch for a while. Maybe Lee worked with this hottie. She looks like a real hand full. And she is subtle —  just check out this unassuming unnatural pose from her younger days.There are lots of pics like this in SWF2..except they MOVE.  Yep, this is really an important sequel

But the real important sequel has to be Dominion, the prequel which is the Exorcist movie that takes place before Exorcist: The Beginning.


Dominion Standing in the video store, i had to read the director credits on the back of the box to make sure it wasn’t the exact same film, because it has the exact same plot. Nope, different director and in this one, the woman who works with our semi-defrocked traumatized by the Nazis priest is a death camp survivor –they KISS and she helps him try to baptize the devil — go figure. At least in the other one, he got to have sex with the shiksa who taunted him once she was possessed…all the Jewish girl did was walk around with a knife to her throat as if she were searching for misplaced challah.


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  1. Mike Barer

    Great review, I’m amazed that they keep releasing sequels almost 20 years after the orginals.
    Brook Burns is hot, but Brooke Burke is equally hot and Jewish!


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