Here's the deal.  There is a book on entitled HOW BIG IS THE MOON? by Dr. Ata Egrari.  As fate would have it, there is another book by the same title, and that title isn't very catchy anyway, nor is the cover.  The book is actually very cool, fun to read, and covers such topics as snake sex, lesbian ants, the infamous penis theft riots, werewolves in France, and all manner of weird topics. YOU CAN HAVE THE BOOK FREE ….here is the free download link

Snake sex and lesbian ants are only two peculiar topics given a light hearted yet insightful consideration by internationally famed doctor and surgeon, Ata Egrari, as he ponders whether or not life is on purpose. Filled with interesting facts and stimulating questions, Egrari makes a bold case for life, in all its weirdness, being a work of genius. 

Download it, read it, give it a review (good one I hope) and maybe suggest a new title?

You can post your reviews on and on Smashwords.

So, get a free book! 

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