Snoop Dog

Someone has it in for Snoop Dog.
Q: How many Tonight Show guests get their cars stopped and searched when they leave the TV Studio?
A: One. Snoop Dog.Snoop

So, tell me, what was the "probable cause" that had Burbank police waiting for Snoop Dog to wave goodnight to Jay Leno before busting him?  I haven’t seen a music star arrested so many times since David Crosby.

Now, if you or I had bCrosbyeen busted as often as Crosby, we would be still pleasing Raul, our 600 lb big boy cell mate. Crosby, of course, kept going on tour and has a new book at Barnes and Noble. Nice being a rock star.  Not so nice being a rap star.
Snoop has been arrested three times in three months. People are being stopped on "suspicion of being Snoop."

This rapper better wise up. If he is gonna have coke and grass, he better not have it in his car. In fact, he better start riding the city bus — in the back of course — and not carry a gun.
Here is a guy who, coming from an admitted background of gangs and violence, now coaches a kiddie
ball team and works to promote peace on the streets.  Ok, he smokes dope. So does Jack Nicholson. When was the last time Jack got shaken down by the cops after picking up an Oscar? Not recently.
Snoop should know better than to be Snoop. He should be David Crosby.

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