As a professional writer, folks are always telling me that they want to write a book. I  encourage them to do so.  Most never follow through. They stop after the first 50 pages when the first rush of enthusiasm passes, and they realize that writing a book is much like writing a really long term paper.

I had lunch with Shonna Counter a couple years ago, and she said she wanted to write a book — maybe more than one — and was beginning the project.   Okay. That's good. Go for it.  

Much to my delgiht, and yours, she did it — and it is damn good!

MliAfter two failed long-term relationships, then meeting what seemed to be the man of her dreams, Shonna was certain she had found Eden on Earth. One unsuspecting day the blissful pending marriage came to a screeching halt. That’s when she set out on an epic dating adventure. Instead of focusing on finding and marrying the next dream guy (ice cream) she sets out to find what she really wants in a mate. Along the way she discovers herself and all the fabulous things she brings to relationships with friends and lovers. How did she go from being a romantic, monogamous person to finding herself in the bizarre world of being a courtesan? It was a tricky and unpredictable maneuver. A Renaissance woman, of many careers, this is one more step into a world most could not imagine. Now, she is not looking to marry the next ice cream that comes along… she is going to taste all the flavors first.

Shonna's book is available from Amazon, and other online booksellers. I'm proud of her because she followed through 100%, and we all get to enjoy the result.

GsAnother woman who followed through is Sharon Schiller, author of Goodbye Strong Heart.  She is now working on her second novel, and is building a following.

The best advice I ever heard for those who want to write a book is simply this: finish it.  Start it AND finish it.  

As for me, my book isn't finished until it is in the hands of a reader who derives pleasure from it.


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