Remember when Karen fell in the Lake?

I must have watched my neice Karen step out of our fishing boat a hundred times, but I remember with absolute clarity the time she stepped out of the boat and missed the dock!  Sploooosh! We laughed so hard at her sudden and unexpected exploration of Loon Lake’s shallow dockside. When you look back, the events that leap out are those that rise above the predictable, the normal, the "uneventful." 

Pizza Hut has delivered numerous pizzas, yet the ONE i remember is the one that came with only crust and pepperoni because when they asked "what do you want on your pizza," we answered "Just Pepperoni" and that is EXACTLY what we got – a pizza with no sauce no cheese — JUST PEPPERONI.  Because it was out of the ordinary, i remember it.

Experts link this "out of the ordinary" business with keeping a good working brain in your old age.  The more diverse experiences an old person has, the younger their brain stays.  After all, when you are young, everything is new to the brain. When you are older, you need more diversity of experience for your brain to bother remembering it! So, if your memory is starting to fade, start doing things that are different and therefor memorable. I do not suggest, however, ordering a JUST PEPPERONI pizza.

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  1. Your beloved sister

    I also remember Karen falling in the lake . Daddy also pulled a trick like that.
    He was very matter of fact about it, seeing he had no choice. He was going to tie up the boat. He had one foot in the boat and one on the dock, but then the boat began to move, and he was doing the splits until he had no option other than to just glide into the lake fully clothed. Daddy was a good sport about it, putting his soaked money on a table to dry.
    I love all those old lake memories including Mommie making whip cream by shaking the bottle.
    I’m so glad you’re doing so well. Whew!

  2. Burl Barer

    Secrets of a Hollywood Private Detective is a manuscript I am polishing for famed Hollywood Private Detective Fred Wolfson (who was also executive producer of CASE CLOSED, the tv series on USA Network for four years) Lots of showbiz dirt, and inside advice on “how to” do legal and illegal PI tricks. Fred also played Phillip Marlowe in the film “Chandler Creates Marlowe” which I saw a few years ago on HBO. I wondered who the hell that was playing Marlowe!

  3. marc kreling

    hi there.
    i lost tons of contacts in a computer crash a year ago.
    am trying to contact you / britt / galinkin / myatt.
    can anybody assist?
    would like to visit in july.
    i wish you all well.


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