Spiritual Symbols of Passover


The more Moses demands that Pharaoh let the people of Israel go,
the more Pharaoh resists, because he must give up the life he
is accustomed to. Problems increase, disease and foes oppress
the Egyptian people, till at last Pharaoh says, "I will let
the people of Israel go," meaning "I will give up the
life of the lower senses." But as we very often see, after
a while, when disease and disasters disappear, people return to
their old lifestyle. So did Pharaoh. In our inner life also, difficulties
will come until we make a firm decision to give up our old way
of life as Pharaoh finally did to free the people of Israel and
let them go to the promised land.Pharoah_web

But the battle is not over. Pharaoh regrets that his slaves are
gone, as the lower part of us sometimes does when it remembers
the old days, and Pharaoh decides to bring them back. This is
impossible, since a firm decision was taken and the people of
Israel were already escaping through the Red Sea. That is to say,
the inner door closed to the lower qualities which were then destroyed,
symbolized by the waters of the Red Sea swallowing up Pharaoh
and his army. Neither was there any return possible for the people
of Israel; for evolution only goes forward.

4 Responses to “Spiritual Symbols of Passover”

  1. Danny Barer

    In Exodus, Pharoah sounds truly tortured. Every time he’s about to let the Hebrews go, God hardens Pharoah’s heart and makes him keep them. When he allows Moses to go out to pray, he begs Moses to pray for him too.

  2. Burl Barer

    By the comment God hardened Pharoah’s heart, it means that he didn’t soften it. It is one of those symantic things. Besides, Pharoah is just the warm up act — the overture. There is nothing he does that the Children of Israel don’t do worse — within 36 hrs they want to go back to Egypt. And that’s how long gratitude lasts — 36 hrs.

  3. Mike Barer

    that is what is said, but really there were no watches at that time so who knows how long it may have taken or what the whole truth is.


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