My loving brother, Stan, seldom writes letters to the editor, so you know he was really steamed when he sat down and banged out this one to the Seattle Times. Here’s the deal. Stan, along with other investors, is/was part of the Seattle Sonics ownership and a board member— and probably the best part of that honor was the front row courtside seats for the games.
Anyway, Stan wrote:

I have been stunned by the viciousness that sports writers have exhibited in basically calling into question the integrity and veracity of both the selling group and the new ownership group. I have a pretty good idea of what happened, as I am an investor and board member of the selling group.

The buying group was chosen among many suitors because of their good-faith, legal commitment to try to retain the Sonics in the Seattle area so our community could continue the cultural enhancement and value that sports have always given.

The reception that has been given the new owners as well as the selling group has been rife with a “you are all liars” reaction by the sports reporters.

Perhaps City Council president Nick Licata and others also will realize that his statement that NBA teams have no cultural or economic value smacks not only of fiscal stupidity but also of a racial ignorance, if not hostility, that is totally repugnant to this community.

To those city officials who by their silence gave credence to Licata’s statements, I can only determine that they would rather have his racially charged statements escape their criticism than express disdain for such repugnant comments.

Yeah that’s tellin’ em!!!

3 Responses to “STAN BARER GETS IRKED”

  1. Mike Barer

    I wrote a letter about Paul Allen’s ownership of the Seahawks, noone had ever written anything critical of Allen before that one was published. After the letter was printed Steve Kelley wrote a column saying that Allen should get more involved and there was another editorial on ESPN.
    Granted, it was probably coincidence.

  2. David Zarkin

    Sad to say sports team owners are unloved. There is a brief honeymoon for the new ones, but then it’s “let’s string ’em up.” Somewhat reminiscent of final scene in Frankenstein where the townsfolks with torches on high chase Dr. F. through the streets.


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