Stealing Elvis and Killing Martin Luther King, Jr — EXCLUSIVE REPORT!

When Elvis Presley, the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, died suddenly in his Graceland mansion in August 1977, his father, Vernon Presley, wanted to honor his famous son’s request to be buried on the grounds of his beloved home. However, the Memphis city council wouldn’t make an exception to the law prohibiting burials on private property. So Vernon turned to Ronnie Lee “Bear” Adkins, a big, fun-loving, Vietnam vet and outlaw from a family of “Fixers;” tough men known for “getting things done” when conventional means didn’t work in Memphis and Tennessee. 

This Saturday, 2pm Pacific time, Ronnie Lee Adkins tells the entire incredible story of "STEALING ELVIS" — an exclusive of TRUE CRIMES UNCENSORED on OUTLAW RADIO, courtesy of our good pal Steve Jackson, award winning journalist and true crime author.


Ronnie will be LIVE in the lounge, Steve will be on via phone, and Don, Matt and I will be looking over our shoulders because Ronnie (aka BEAR") is also going to reveal, for the first time, the names of those who participated in the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Be listening to this exclusive and revelatory broadcast!


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