I’m having fun with the screenplay of the new action film, STEALTH. It’s sort of a 2005 riff on the HAL “problem” in 2001, or the android companion/lover gone hay-wire plot. It has top gun appeal coupled with a sci-fi “technology just ain’t human” edge — I wont give away more than you’ve seen in the previews, but this looks like a box office hit of the popcorn/crowd pleaser variety — the film comes out in Japan in October, and much earlier here in USA. I’m adapting the screenplay as a paperback novel for the Japanese market…no, i dont write Japanese; it will be translated. I have till mid July — figure two months — to deliver the manuscript, and there is enough diversity of characters and relationships to give me plenty to work with. I’ll start on it on my Seattle excursion, and finish it up here in lovely Santa Monica. I think Sony is giving me a sneak preview of the film — that would be nice. On THE SAINT I didn’t see a single piece of footage until long after the novelization was done, and on MAVERICK they were doing reshoots while I was doing re-writes. This time, the film is completed and I don’t expect any last minute drastic changes in plot or characters.

Tuesday the 17th is my mom’s birthday, so I am off to Seattle that morning. I’ll stay with Jordan while I’m up there. My sister and daughter are both going to be in town that week also, so I am really looking foreward to this trip. My brother, Stan, however, is off in China for ten days. With so many people already in China, I can’t imagine why they need to fly in more! (that was an element of humor).

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  1. Anea

    Can’t wait to see ya Papa! 🙂 I will be rolling through town on Thursday. Give Nana a big birthday hug from me!


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