STRANGER THAN FICTION is a forthcoming film starring Emma Thompson, Will Farrel, and Dustin Hoffman. It’s a comedy, or a tragedy, or a drama….in fact, that is something that the main character, portrayed by Will Farrel, has to uncover — is he living a comedy or a tragedy — or both? The preview screening I saw the other night at SONY studios was a "work in progress" — no opening or closing credits, temporary music, and possibly provisional sound. I loved it. If the final product is as good as the preview, everyone should be well pleased.

I’ve been on a real movie marathon lately — seeing all manner of films at the Directors Guild and at the TV Acadamy.  SYRIANA, done in the same multi-story but it all comes together style as TRAFFIC, features strong performances but no resolution….long lines, long movie….

The real standout is THE PRODUCERS — DON"T MISS THIS ONE!! IT is an absolute joy!


  1. dave zarkin

    The Producers movie is a must with Roger Bart reprising Broadway role as over the top gay assistant to the director. “Brokeback Mountain” won’t let go of my mind but I promise I won’t obsess over this wonderful movie and don’t plan to see it again for a long time because it is so sad. How do you get a pass for a screening to an unfinished movie? I think this is an intriguing opportunity. I have plans to be in LA Feb. 8 for 5 days with friends Alan and Roger to visit another friend, Scott. Will gander about in Venice Beach, Hollywood and more. I went to press screening in office building in LA for Allied Artist’s Samuel Fuller movie with Constance Towers about reporter who works undercover assignment in nut house but never gets out. Do you remember that movie? It was about 1963.


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