Stuff that Turkey!

Today is Thanksgiving. Back in the old days, we would trek to Palm Springs and stay with my Mom at VIlla Alejo. Everyone would convene — neices and nephews coming down from LA — and we would stuff ourselves silly as overture to the pecan and chocolate cream pies — yes and pumpkin too.

This year my kids (ok, they are adults) are with me in Santa Monica, and we are off to Van Nuys to stuff ourselves silly at Judi Faye’s house — my room mate suzi and the kids are ready to go…so more later!!!

3 Responses to “Stuff that Turkey!”

  1. Susan Balcuns

    A day late but “Happy stuff your face day!!”
    I’m glad your kids were able to be with you! And that you weren’t alone!! I hope you brought back a doggy bag for Isis!!!!
    You have a room-mate named Suzi? That’s great!!! I’m happy for you!!
    Stay well and give Isis a big kiss from me! You can give yourself one too from me..
    Take care
    Suzi….The other white meat….I mean the OTHER Suzi!! Friend Suzi..
    I had a lobster for Thanksgiving….Stupid to make a turkey for myself!

  2. alan aka avrum ben avrum

    hi burl ..
    I come to your site via your friend Suzi who is quite fabulous as you know. Great website! I’ll save it to favorites and promise to pop in now and then! I am …
    Very Sincerely yours,
    Alan D. Busch c/o


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