The Festival of Books is super-special this year because ALL FOUR of my sister’s kids are signing their new books. Here is how my nephew, Tod Goldberg tells it:

How cool is this? All four of us Goldberg siblings (which includes my
now non-Goldberg named sisters Karen Dinino & Linda Woods) in the
same ad for our appearances in the Borders booth next weekend at the LA
Times Festival Of Books. Lee, Karen & Linda will all be signing
together Sunday morning at 10am, while I’m slotted for Satuday
afternoon at 3pm. Sadly, we couldn’t get the scheduled arranged so we’d
all be together, but we’re working on getting an
all-Goldberg-all-the-time event sometime very soon.

Is Burl Barer, Brilliant Author signing his latest book? NO! Why not? Because it isn’t on sale in America, is only in Japanese, and I have not had a new book out in the USA since the summer of 2004. I am doing everything in my power to rectify that situation! Yes, proposals are out there for SECRETS OF A HOLLYWOOD PRIVATE EYE (non fiction), and I’m hustling for some tie-in novels, etc.  Trust me, my career isn’t over yet.  I’ll tell you someone whose career is over — the lady who wins the I SURE THE HELL AM STUPID AWARD.

You probably heard by now, but in case you didn’t — SUPREME STUPIDITY HAS MANIFESTED ITSELF! No, I don’t mean any well known political figure. I am referring to the woman who wrote an unauthorized STAR WARS novel and tried selling it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites. Copyright violation, anyone?  She didn’t consider it a "commercial venture" despite SELLING IT.  She supposedly wrote it for her friends and family — but put it ON SALE  in a published version and an e-book download. For the astonishing details, just go to my nephew Lee Goldberg’s blog (A WRITERS LIFE). 

Sharon Stone has bigger breasts in the sequel than she did in Basic Instict.

Her hair looks great, as does her makeup.  The film is getting horid reviews.

That’s ok. I enjoyed every minute of it. Then again, I am a sick puppy.

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