Susan Murphy Milano Gets New Hairstyle!!! The photo that stunned the world!

Susan Murphy Milano, famous crime fighter, human rights activist, defender of the downtrodden and friend of those who have no friends, just got a NEW HAIRSTYLE!  This is big news! Susan, whose new book TIME'S UP is a must-have for any woman, man, or any life form that may be in an abusive relationship, is famed for having hair bigger than all those hot chicks in VIXEN combined. Now, check out her new do!

You gotta admit, that's a lot of hair!

 This photo that stunned the world is courtesy of Delilah Jones of Imagine Publicity. She knows I'm a big fan of Susan Murphy Milano, and Susan has joined Don Woldman and I on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED more than once.  

3 Responses to “Susan Murphy Milano Gets New Hairstyle!!! The photo that stunned the world!”

  1. tracey

    last nights BTR crimewire show has my attention, big time….you guys are bringing so much awareness and helping my kids and i to a healthy happy life. thank you.
    today’s ssm show was just as great…. love ya’ll

  2. Cheap Escorts

    somehow came across your blog while searching for a article for a class, but I have to say I’m glad I found it …will definately subscribe sometime.


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