Susan Murphy Milano — Who do you call when the bad guy is a cop?

November 8th on TRUE CRIMES — Susan Murphy Milano

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It's the deep, dark secret within the rank and file of Law
Enforcement Agencies across America: Some of the same officers who are
supposed to be breaking up domestic disputes in this country are
abusing their own wives and girlfriends. Many police departments
continuing to look the other way.

Susan Murphy Milano said, "I am
the daughter of a Chicago Violent Crimes Detective whose father
murdered her mother before taking his own life. I will not rest
until those who abuse and kill are held

I received a lot of emails and letters from women married to Law
Enforcement Officers Across the Country with no place to turn for
assistance. All because a husband or boyfriend was a respected law
enforcement officer. There is no excuse for violence, especially in a
police officers home."

Why aren't
departments seeking a zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence
committed by police officers? Is it too embarrassing?
Family members
rarely come forward to report these crimes and if they do, they are
often victimized even more by their abusive officer spouse or

" He was going to kill me. How can you let him keep his gun and stay on the street?" (Wife of Boston Police Officer)

When a police department does not take action, we, the families of
officers feel powerless and worried about our own lives and the safety
of their kids. All this does is further victimize us, when will it
end?" (Wife of a New York State Tropper)

Another Wife of an
officer said "You know the words on the side of police cars "We Serve
And Protect", let me tell you every time I see that I'm sick with
grief. It doesn't apply to me. It should read, "hey, we serve and protect our own"!

Who do you call when your husband, the police officer, is beating the hell out of you?

Susan's quest for justice has been trumpeted across the pages of newspapers, magazines, radio and television, including:

 The Oprah Winfrey Show, Larry King Radio, ABC's 20/20, CBS 48 Hours, Nightline, CNN, Sunday Today Show Profile, Women's Day, Family Circle Magazine, U.S. News and World Report to name only a few.

The Ultimate Media Appearance:  TRUE CRIMES with Burl Barer and Don Woldman!

 In 1993, she was instrumental in the passage of the Illinois stalking law and has constantly argued for the rights of battered women and children, both through legislation and through national television appearances and print media.

Susan also does a  show on blogspot radio, Justice Interrupted.

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