Suzanne Somers Faux Cashmere Sweater

When one writes true crime, mysteries, and pop culture for a living, it’s easy to forget that there is life beyond research, keyboards, and word processing.  Here is a dose of hard core reality from my personal llife. My g/f asked my opinion of her brand new Suzanne Somers Faux Cashmere Sweater…..


Yes, this is what my life is like while gearing up for my next true crime masterpiece….as you can see, my life is every bit as thrill packed as yours.

2 Responses to “Suzanne Somers Faux Cashmere Sweater”

  1. Burl Barer

    okay okay — it figures that YOU would want to see her that way – you who got so hot when the lady did the lap dance for you. Well, you are not going to see Judi wearing only stockings and panties and the sweater….


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