Technical difficulties/detached retina/ IRON MAN

Best selling author Corey Mitchell patiently waited  for his interview on the live internet broadcast of TRUE CRIME ANDon Outlaw Radio…and waited and waited and waited. While Corey waited, Matt Alan (producer) was ripping apaRt the Internet router.  Corey was finally on the air 40 mnutes late, and our other guest didnt make it on the air at all.  Luckily for Matt, we were back on the air in plenty of time for his show. Soooo…..I think we will invite Corey back again next week along with Dawn Mellen from After the FInish Line….i figure that if the first 40 minutes of your show doesnt get on the air, the audience doesn’t stick around to enjoy the sounds of silence.

Oh, did I tell you that I went blind in one eye? Yep. No fun. Detatched retina. Emergency surgery supposedly will save my vision, but we dont know how much I’ll have left for about six weeks.

Saw IRON MAN film tonight. Loved it.   Then we watched ANOTHER MOVIE…a very engrossing well made and clever indie production  called "FIRST SNOW." Go rent it!!

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  1. DogsDontPurr

    Burl…I’m so sorry to hear about your eye. If you need any advice or if you have questions about your surgery/recovery, let me know. A friend of mine, who is a doctor, went through this a couple of years ago. I’m sure she would be willing to share about her experience. If you want, I can put you in touch with her or forward your questions to her.
    ((Big Hugs))

  2. burl barer

    Thank you so much! Luckily, one of the top retina experts in the world is currently visiting at Olive View Hospital and I see him on Monday….well, he will see me on Monday!

  3. inkgrrl

    Oh the OW! I always wonder if that hurts… it’s a way to keep from freaking out completely at the thought. I’ve known a few people with partial detachments who have surgery and are just peachy when recovered, so hope you get to it soon and have as good an outcome!

  4. Burl Barer

    Thanks for the comments, Inkgrrl….it didn’t hurt a bit, in fact I rather enjoyed the operation as I was awake enough to feel them digging around in my eye. You ever wanted to scratch your eye but didn’t because eyes are sensitive? Well, during surgery, it is very numb and they are digging away and glue-gunning things and stapling things…and it feels cool! Meanwhile I’m still blind in that eye, but it should get better.

  5. bob yerbury

    Hey Burl, your name came up recently regarding something that you and I spoke about years ago, so I got curious and looked you up. Glad to see you are doing well, I’m stll at the same place doing the same things. Nothing changes. If you get interested you can call me at my office, i’m sure you can get the number. Bob Yerbury TAC.WA

  6. VJP

    I’m at this blog via having watching you on the Dog Whisperer DVD. How did that work out? I will definitely read some of your books.
    I hope you have as much vision restored as possible. I had a detached retina about 18 mo. ago, and the vision eventually exceeded the doctor’s expectations. Not completely correctable, but I’ll take it!


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