TEXAS — HOME OF TRUE CRIME ! Meet the Prosecutors.

I am in lovely Pflugerville, Texas.  In the native tongue, Pflugerville means "Between Two Wal-Marts."

It is a lovely suburb of Austin, and is not a good place to get arrested for anything, but it is a great place for true crime writers.  Corey Mitchell, Diane Fanning, Kathryn Casey, Suzi Spencer, and Steven Long live and work in Texas, and the state has enough killers to keep us all writing for decades.

Currently, I'm writing a book about Rhonda Glover. I posted a pic of her recently. Fair is fair. Here are the two prosecuters who convicted her of murder: Bryan Case and Gail Van WInkle of Austin, Texas.

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  1. Shalikha Baker

    I was incarcerated with Rhonda Glover… she is what I would consider a good friend.. Everyone makes mistakes and the Bible says that no sin is greater than the other, so before anyone judges her, you should probably look in the mirror first.. she is a good person who just messed up along the way.

  2. Burl Barer

    I recently visited Rhonda, and she is as vivacious, energetic and enthusiastic as ever. It is a very sad story indeed, from whatever way you look at it. Jimmy is dead, she is in prison, and their son has basically lost both his parents. True tragedy.

  3. Stephanie Parish Enderli Vaughn

    I have been Rhonda Glovers best friend since the fourth grade. I believe that a true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Rhonda was there with me through every milestone I experienced in my life. My prom, my wedding, the birth of my children, and when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on Feb 12,1990. She was a beautiful, strong, confidant, assertive, and successful woman. She started a successful insurance recruiting business in Houston and enjoyed the luxuries and accquaintances that success brought her way. I remember when she met Jimmy, he was introduced to me and at that time she told me that he had at one time been extremely successful. She told me that he had invented horizontal drilling but had sold off the rights. He was living in his parents home at the time, to my understanding due to some poor business investments. Throughout the years their relationship was a tumultuous on again off again roller coaster. I never witnessed the actual physical abuse, but I did witness some of the out of control drinking. I did however see Rhonda on several occasions when she had left him due to his alleged abuse. I had no reason to doubt her. We always have told each other everything. The difference between Rhonda and a classic victim of domestic violence is that she was independent and successful and so with or without Jimmy she did not have to fall to the mercy of others to support her. She always held her head up and moved forward. I remember when John Chandler was born that was the happiest day of her life. She was a good mother, and although she had moved to Austin and I still lived in Baytown, we corresponded on the phone and she often sent pictures of her and John Chandler. I cannot imagine the horror of what drove her to that fateful decision, but I do know her and I will tell you that she could never have done anything like this unless she thought she had no other choice. This is indeed a tragedy and my heart grieves for my dear friend Rhonda, for her son John Chandler who now has lost his mother and father, for Rhonda’s family, for Jimmys friends and family, and for Rhonda’s countless friends who are no doubt left as perplexed and saddened as I.

  4. sallymustang

    I went to Jr.high and High school with Rhonda, She was a bully and drug addict then, not surprising what happened to her

  5. anonymous

    Can you please call me about investigation on unbelievable corruption in Family COurts of Austin.
    ACLU has looked at my stuff only to help. I am seeing a government that is fixed.
    I can only elaborate in perosn.

  6. goes around, comes around

    the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Ms. Glover. Her mother was/is a piece of work.

  7. lisa ellin

    Readers, A book is a book. Nothing more. It could be absolute fact or a complete fairytale — or anything in-between. When reading any book, especially one that offers sex, violence and has an exploitative nature to it, it is suspect to embellishment. Who wants to read a boring book? Save that for the history books. More importantly, who wants to pay money for a boring book? The author of this book (or any book) makes money because of what he or she writes. One can still enjoy crime “fiction” but should remain skeptical when reading this type of “story”. The writer is biased, plain and simple; they want to sell a story, make a name for themselves, win an award….buy a nice car.
    Thank you,

  8. Burl Barer

    Dear Lisa:
    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I assume you have read the book in full, and are responding based on what you have read.
    I would be interested to learn what bias you perceived when reading the book. Do you find it biased towards Ms, Glover because I devoted so much of the book to the issue of how the mentally ill are treated in our judicial system? Or did you find it biased against her because of debunking her claims of abuse by Jimmy Joste?
    I did my best to be as unbiased as possible, and that is why I went so far as to enlist commentary from so many differing people of widely divergent views on the most controversial issues addressed in the book.
    As you can certainly imagine, these books are incredibly “research intensive” (for which we are given no budget), and are often emotionally and physically draining. Writing fiction (which I do also) is no where as stressful, nor does fiction expose me to the type of personal danger to which true crime authors are frequently exposed.
    It is interesting, and distressing, that no one levels charges of exploitation against newspapers and television when they cover a story — superficially at best — and rely on the ratings to make money from advertising, but when someone spends a year or more of their life delving deeply into reality of a fascinating case raising issues of sociological importance, we are deemed “exploitive.” It saddens me because I know what goes into these books — the work, the time, the low pay and the misunderstanding and denigration of the fact crime genre. Many of us reach a point where it is just not worth it emotionally or financially to do this. But if those of us who are recognized as among the best investigative journalists in America abandon the genre, what happens to the quality then?
    Well, after FATAL BEAUTY I took a break and wrote an action/adventure TV movie that shoots in June (THE SAINT starring James Purefoy), and a new fiction novel is half done, but my publisher wants two more true crime books from me, and I’ve found a few cases that have potential for further investigation and research. We shall see.
    Thanks again for your comments,
    Burl Barer

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  10. jason

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  11. Bonnie

    I am truly amazed at the lack of compassion shown here for the true victim of this crime: Jimmy Joste. He is dead. His family and loved ones will never see him again. Rhonda is still alive, and only a victim of herself. It is good that her friends and family support her. However, it is tasteless that these people have no compassion for Jimmy, is is, after all, the father of Rhonda son. The victim is the one who needs to always be remembered. Don’t forget him or that he lived and had a life.

  12. Burl Barer

    “By shown here,” I trust you don’t mean my book, Fatal Beauty in which I do my best to make the same point.

  13. XJS GUY

    I just watched the TV show about Jimmy Joste and his murderer.
    Isn;t it amazing how we can see what is going on from the outside looking in?
    When someone is in a “relationship”, even one not as totally disrupted and disjointed as this one, they cannot seem to see clearly.
    I’m one of those guys who has a business and lots of other things which are just that~~”things” butt, I’m single and straight and not very anxious to get involved with anyone.
    One other thing, Gail Van Winkle looks very different in the pic in here than she did in the TV show.
    If her name wasn’t there, I would have thought it was two different people.
    And, the true victims here are the friends and family of Jimmy’s.
    Ahh, women. I’m not afraid of anyone I can outrun.lol

  14. AJ

    I read the book FATAL BEAUTY….mostly, it seemed sleazy to me – but then the subject matter is what it is…..sex, drugs, murder…all of that IS sleazy – but it really didn’t have to go THIS far overboard. Writing included (it seems) just about anything that popped into author’s mind (ie, God, Satan, clones, homos, kid porn, domestic violence, caves, ex-President Bush, demons in the walls, tearing up bathrooms – on and on to the point of absurdity)
    Rhonda Glover’s interview with detective Walker (a matter of public record) is the most ridiculous and bizarre interview imaginable. Why this lady didn’t plead insanity is beyond me……
    The book was a compelling read from the standpoint it was hard to NOT keep reading……but I’m not sure I’m at my best when reading this kind of stuff.

  15. Burl Barer

    All that stuff didn’t pop into my mind, it popped out of Rhonda’s! She couldn’t plead insanity because insanity is a legal term, not medical. In Texas, if you know it is “wrong” to kill people who are not insane.

  16. BubbaBru

    All the glossing over of this woman from her friends boggles my mind. We are all forving of friends and I would have no issue with her love of drugs, sex, and might even admire her gold digging ways.
    BUT……FOLKS….she MURDERED a man…The Father of her child….The man who gave her a life she obviously didn’t deserve. I believe in equal rights for women and with that in mind I think she should be on death row waiting for her date with a needle where she will be paid for her actions….for the final time.

  17. BubbaBru

    I wanted to add that I had read some comments about what a great mother she was.
    I am trying to figure out how someone could rationalize that with CPS removing the child from her, and then her killing his Father. Please explain.


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