Thanksgiving aftermath/ Stephen Singular Sat. on True Crimes

Burl stan and jan nov 2009
  Okay here are the three of us Thanksgiving 2009. That's me on the far left, then Stan, and then Jan.

If you see pictures of us at Thanksgiving in earlier years, the only difference is the length of our hair, and the relative color.

Uh….on second thought, I found this picture of me at Thanksgiving a few decades ago, and I have aged significantly.

Notice how I have much more hair in the bottom picture? Notice that I'm cute rather than "mature." Got news for you — if you are currently young and cute, you will be balding and mature soon enough.

Burl thanksgiving -wishful thinking
 While you contemplate how adorable I am in that photo, set your clock to be listening to TRUE CRIMES Saturday because our special guest is Stephen Singular, author of Talked to Death, and When Men Become Gods. 


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