Thanksgiving: Yes, I am thankful for thanksgiving/Stephen Singular

It was only about a month ago that I wrote the blog entry "When parents die, adult children turn to Twitter" mentioning how much I longed to have a get together with my brother, sister and at least a few  nieces and nephews. Well, this Thanksgiving I'm gonna have it.  Wish my daughter and son could join us, but Anea and Isaac are stuck in Texas, and Jordan is working overtime in Mill Creek. But Stan, Jan and Burl — the 3 Barers — will all be together for the first Thanksgiving in years, plus Jan and Stan's kids. This is super-duper special, and I am thrilled. I'm usually the guy with the video camera, but for the first time in years, I don't have one. Sure hope Lee, Tod or somebody brings one….then, after all the turkey has settled, and the weekend rolls around,……I get the added joy of having fantastic author Stephen Singular on my Saturday TRUE CRIMES radio show. 

Stephen Singular This Saturday!

Stephen Singular This Saturday!

Listen Live 2pm Pacific, 3pm Mtn, 4pm Central, 5pm Eastern, 10pm UK time

Stephen Singular, is a two-time “New York Times” bestselling author whose first book,Talked To Death: The Life & Murder of Alan Berg (1987), was nominated for an Edgar Award and became the basis for the 1989 Oliver Stone film, “Talk Radio.”

Now, Singular's latest book, When Men Become Gods,  casts a light on a dark corner of religious extremism.

Stephen Singular's latest book

Stephen Singular's latest book

Join Burl Barer, Don Woldman and Stephen Singular for a fascinating hour of daring talk radio and religious revelations.  True Crimes is produced by Matt Alan on OutlawRadio.

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  1. Mike Barer

    That is too bad that Anea, Isaac, and Jordan could not be there. But happy that you could see your brother, sister, and all your nephews and nieces.


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